Suncraft Senzo Twisted Octagon

Suncraft Senzo Twisted Octagon

Here is a line of knives for Japanese depth. The characteristic shape of the handle of SENZO TWISTED OCTAGON products was inspired by the figure of the octagon, which is important in Japanese culture. For the user's convenience and greater grip reliability, the octagonal cross-section of the knife handle is additionally slightly twisted.

Blades of SENZO TWISTED OCTAGON knives are made of 33 layers. Damascus steel * reinforced with a VG-10 steel core **. This composition is extremely durable, highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration and the blade itself is resistant to the process of destruction and eradication. On the zoom you can see a delicate, wavy pattern that reminds you of samurai swords.

The Japanese design is completed with a white Pakkawood handle and a red ring at the base of the blade.

The series includes: chef knives in two sizes 20 and 24 cm, smaller peel knives and universal knives, as well as Santoku and Sashimi knives.


* 33-layer Damascus steel - consists of superimposed, extremely thin sheets, so-called stainless steel, of which 25% of the middle sheets is called the core, while the remaining 75% consists of sheets of different hardness - alternately applied mild and hard steel. The whole is combined during mechanical and heat treatment. As a result, a beautiful "wavy" effect is created on the surface of the knife.


** VG-10 steel This type of Damascus steel was recognized as the best for the production of kitchen knives. Chefs appreciate both the beautiful design of knives made of VG-10 and their exceptional durability. VG-10 is a material with high hardness, on the HRC scale it received the value of HRC60. Thanks to this, the blades made of it are very resistant to abrasion.


*** Pakkawood is laminated birch or maple wood, impregnated with resin. They are characterized by very high resistance to heat and moisture, it was specially developed for the handle of knives.

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